Recommended Reading & Links

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Domestic Violence
The Battered Woman, by Lenore Walker
Battered Wives, by Del Martin
The Doormat Syndrome, by Lynne Namka
Getting Free, by Ginny NiCarthy
Men Who Hate Women and The Women Who Love Them, by Susan Forward
The Next Time Shešll Be Dead, by Anne Jones
Domestic Partner Abuse, by Hamberger & Penzetti
Naming the Violence: Speaking Out About Lesbian Battering, by Lobel
Men Who Beat Men Who Love Them, by Letellier & Island


Sexual Assault

License to Rape, by David Finkehor
Courage to Heal, by Laura Davis and Ellen Bass
Courage to Heal Workbook, by Laura Davis and Ellen Bass
Allies in Healing, by Laura Davis and Ellen Bass
Secret Survivors, by E. Sue Blume


Relationship Loss

Keeping the Love You Find, by Harville Henvrix
Crazy Time & Surviving Divorce, by Abigail Tiafferd
How to Get Going When You Can Barely Get Out of Bed, by Linda Bailey
Leaving the Enchanted Forest, by Covington
How to Survive the Loss of a Love, by Harold H. Bloomfeild
Letting Go, by Zev Wanderer
Getting Unstuck and Breaking Through Your Barriers to Change, by Sidney Simon
Reason to Live, by Melody Beattie


Relationships and Communication

Finding the Love You Want, by Harville Henvrix
Survival Stradegies for Couples, by Dr. John Wright
Struggle for Intimacy, by Woititz
The Dance of Anger, by Dr. Harriet Lerner
The Dance of Intimacy, by Dr. Harriet Lerner
Love is a Choice Workbook, by Hemfelt
Many Roads, One Journey, by Charlotte Kasl



Women, Sex, and Addiction, by Charlotte Kasl
Addiction and Grace, by May Facing
Love Addiction, by Mellody
Fat is a Feminist Issue, by Orbach
Alcoholics Anonymous, by AA
Is it Love or Addiction, by Schaeffer
Twelve Steps, A Way Out (workbook), by Friends of Recovery



Men's Work, by Paul Kivel
The Hazards of Being Male, by Herb Goldberg
The Inner Male, by Herb Goldberg
Choices Of Heros, by Gerzon
Fire in the Belly, by Sam Keen
Man Enough, by Frank Pittman



How to Discipline With Love, by Dr. Fitzhugh Dobson
Children, the Challenge, by Rudolf Dreikurs M.D.
Parents Without Partners Sourcebook, by Stephen Atlas
The Parent's Handbook, by Don Dinkemeyer


Recommended Web Sites

• National Violence Against Women Prevention Research Center —
• Family Violence Prevention Fund —
• National Network to End Domestic Violence —
• Center for the Prevention of Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence —
• California Coalition Against Sexual Assault —
• National Coalition Against Domestic Violence —