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Tahoe Women's Services Programs

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Tahoe Women's Services Statistics

In 2004, Tahoe Women's Services Provided...

16,354 crisis intervention and additional services to domestic violence and sexual assault victims and others in crisis. Violence prevention education was provided to nearly 8,000 community members, including 6,507 students in local schools. Self-defense was taught to 589 individuals.


Domestic Violence/Sexual Assault Intervention Services

(all services are available in English and Spanish)

24-Hour Community Help-Line:

The help line offers immediate support from staff and trained volunteers. Since Tahoe Women's Services has the ONLY 24-Hour Community Help Line in the North Lake Tahoe/Truckee region, we receive a wide range of crisis calls including: domestic violence, sexual assault, child abuse, suicide and depression. Help line volunteers receive an intensive 60-hour crisis intervention training, a volunteer manual and monthly in-service trainings. Our Volunteer Coordinator also provides support and follow-up with all Help Line volunteers. Click here to go to Help Line phone numbers...

Individual and Support Group Counseling

Counseling is available to women who are victims and survivors of domestic violence. A licensed therapist supervises counseling interns who provide therapeutic counseling for both women and children. We also conduct regularly scheduled support groups in both English and Spanish.

Business Centers:

There are 3 walk-in business offices available for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. The TWS administrative office is located in Kings Beach, and we have offices in Incline Village and Truckee which are open during business hours from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. There is always a trained staff member or volunteer available to assist in a crisis situation.

Immediate Temporary Emergency Sheltering:

Shelter is available for domestic violence and sexual assault victims in our Mountain Rose Safe House. This 60-day residency program provides intensive counseling and support for women and their children. The shelter serves as a safe respite for victims who are fleeing a violent situation and offers empowerment to victims while allowing them time to make long term decisions.

Emergency Services:

We are able to provide limited emergency services such as food, energy assistance, clothing, transportation, housing, and gas vouchers to domestic violence and sexual assault victims.

Assault Response:

Tahoe Women's Services staff and volunteers are available on a 24-hour basis to respond to domestic violence and sexual assault calls. We will meet victims at the local hospital, Sheriff's station or other public location and support them through any investigation or medical exams. We will also travel to Reno, NV or Auburn, CA with victims if needed.

Accompaniment and Advocacy:

Staff provides this important service on a 24-hour basis, which includes hospital, court and other accompaniment services. Staff will also work on behalf of clients with other agencies in order to access needed services.

Legal Advocacy:

Tahoe Women's Services offers monthly legal clinics. This clinic is provided by local Family Law Attorneys who volunteer their time to assist our clients with legal questions and encourages other local attorneys to get involved with our new legal program. Our Paralegal offers assistance with the preparation of family law documents and is directly supervised by an Attorney.

Temporary Restraining/Protection Orders:

TROs/TPOs are offered to domestic violence victims at no cost. Assistance with the paperwork and filing is offered at the Tahoe Women's Services offices. Our Paralegal offers further assistance to victims in need of more complicated legal resolutions. Victims also receive peer counseling and educational resources provided by staff members to help them through this difficult process.

Kids Time Program:

Tahoe Women's Services Kids Time Program provides a safe place for children who have come from violent homes, are the children of clients we serve, and are current or past shelter residents. The weekly program includes two hours of age appropriate interactive play, activities, and field trips. This provides the children with an opportunity to build self-esteem and gain trusting relationships with adults, while allowing them to feel safe. All volunteers who participate in Kids Time must complete at least 6 hours of training on a quarterly basis. This training includes the basics of domestic violence and child abuse, information on car seats and transporting children and general child safety, working with "special needs" children, mandated reporting laws and positive disciplinary techniques. The rules of Kids Time, which are communicated to all children participating, include the following: Keep Hands to Self, Listen, No Put-Downs, and Sharing.

Prevention Program:

Tahoe Women's Services Prevention Program provides age-appropriate prevention information on domestic violence, sexual assault, sexual harassment, dating violence and child abuse to teens and children in local schools, resort employees and community groups throughout the North Lake Tahoe/Truckee area. Support groups are also held at local schools for grade levels 6-12 to provide on-going support and information. Our prevention curriculum is approved by the County School District and is presented in both English and Spanish. Tahoe Womenıs Services also provides self-defense classes to children and adult women.

Information and Referral:

Tahoe Women's Services continually updates information on local, statewide, and regional resources available to domestic violence and sexual assault victims and to the general public. We answer calls for information and referral and distribute a brochure with relevant listings. We have also been instrumental in developing a community wide resource guide. We have gathered over 500 books, videos and other resources, which are relevant to victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. These resources are available for people to read in our office or to check out and take home.

Community Education:

Education is offered by staff and volunteers to social service agencies, businesses, community organizations and the general public on topics related to sexual assault, domestic violence and child abuse. Through our "Safe Place" campaign we also distribute posters and Safe Haven stickers. We also meet regularly with businesses to promote awareness about domestic violence related to the workplace.

Mt. Rose Safe House Program:

Currently, women and children fleeing violent environments may remain in the Safe House for 60 days. During the course of their stay, women are immersed in a network of support, which consists of counseling, parenting classes, support groups, and education covering the dynamics of domestic violence. Since domestic violence is a learned behavior, we also strive to work with children of all ages to provide them with the opportunity to unlearn any unhealthy behaviors. Children participate in individual counseling, and support groups that are tailored specifically to meet their individual needs and help them learn positive and healthy responses.